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The Artist
DALE TRAUPMAN is a native of Bethlehem, PA. From the time he got his first Kodak Brownie camera, he has enjoyed composing photographs with interesting borders, framing and perspectives. Although he has no formal training, over the years, beginning with editing his high school yearbook and accompanying professional photographers in that endeavor, he has developed an “eye” for capturing shots that many others walk past without seeing.

Success in regional contests, entry and acceptance into photo publication anthologies and local newspaper “readers photos” have stimulated his efforts. Entry into a South Bethlehem Historical contest with subsequent selection and hanging in the Banana Gallery in Bethlehem and sale of that work started the commercial side of his photography business.

“The fact that another person can appreciate the beauty or concept that I saw in choosing a picture is very meaningful to me. The conveyance of an emotion is most important. I truly hope you find beauty and depth in the images I present.”